Inverter – Volt Sinus 4000

250,000.00 210,000.00

Power: 2000 / 4000W
Voltage: 12V / 230V
Warranty: 24 months


volt-4000Power: 2000 / 4000W
Voltage: 12V / 230V
Warranty: 24 months

Series voltage converters sine used to power electrical devices requiring AC voltage of 230V battery and car installations with constant voltage of 12V or 24V. Ideal for places where there is no possibility of direct connection to the power grid. It can also be successfully used as an emergency power source for devices requiring continuous power, such as furnaces and pump.
The feature that distinguishes inverters sine of classical simple converters AC / DC, is the generation of the output alternating voltage sinusoidal, identical to that in the grid. This feature allows the devices equipped with electric motors and transformers, such as power tools, pumps and appliances low power. Simple, inexpensive converters produce in fact voltage square wave, sometimes mistakenly referred to as “modified sine wave”. Such tension is not suitable for powering devices with inductive or capacitive and may cause damage.
• Power: 2000W / 4000W
• Input voltage range: 11-15 VDC
• No-load current: 300mA
• Output voltage: 230V
• Output voltage range: 220-240VAC
• Frequency: 50 Hz ± 0.5
• Maximum Power: 4000W
• Power at constant load : 2000W
• efficiency:> 92%
• overload protection: with a load of 120% of the IPS automatically switches off
• Short circuit protection (off)
• protection against undervoltage
• Temperature: 0-40 deg. C
• Dimensions: 355x155x81
• Weight : 4.5 kg


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